Dirty slut, Melissa Moore, is sitting, naked, on the floor, making herself cum with a super-sized vibrator. Moaning and gasping, she is so focused on her needy clit that she has completely forgotten that a powerful enough orgasm can cause fatal heart arrhythmias. Sure enough, after one eye-rolling, toe-curling, humdinger of a climax, she passes out, the sex toy still buzzing between her legs. Luckily, her friend, Max, stumbles in on her.

At first, he thinks it’s hilarious that the randy whore fell asleep, her beautiful tits and young pussy exposed, while masturbating, but he soon finds that she’s not breathing. Quickly laying her down, he begins CPR. Her fat boobs are mashed under his hands, as he presses frantically on her chest in an effort to restart her heart. Again and again, he pumps on her rib cage, pausing only to check her pulse, before beginning another round.

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