Natalie Mars & Stella Liberty


This full series contains the two clips “Anal Smuggle Box” and “Elastic Fuck Toy”. Stella is convinced that her oh-so-coy maid Natalie has stolen the family jewels again and is determined to ‘get to the bottom’ of this constant thieving that has been going on. She bends Natalie over to see if she has hidden any silver up her skirt again to see that Natalie has a huge plug up her ass! Stella is convinced that Natalie has that thing in to keep whatever she has stolen from falling out of her slutty smugglers hole. Stella doesn’t find anything when she pulls out the plug so she dives in with first her fingers and then her hand, and then her entire arm! She is determined to find whatever Natalie is attempting to rip off from her house at all costs. She gets all the way up to Natalie’s stomach but still can’t find anything. She gets so deep she can even see her hand poking out of Natalie’s belly. It’s time to go deeper so she takes a break to pull out the big guns, her giant cock. After thoroughly searching Natalie’s booty cooch for her stolen valuables and finding nothing but Natalie’s stomach, Stella whips out her giant 14 inch cock and rams Natalie’s buttered up and stretched out elastic fun hole. She goes deep and hard, certain that if she can’t find the stolen look with her whole arm, then surely her massive cock will do the trick. Instead all she finds is that Natalie is a huge gaping whore and the only thing hidden inside her is a series of anal orgasms. After Stella has ruined that hole she instructs Natalie to clean up the slut den and get back to work. Only Natalie has a little something special hidden that Mistress will never know.

File name: Natalie Mars & Stella Liberty
Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:19:58
Video: 3840×2160
Audio: 317 kb/s
File size: 1.44 GB

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