Sasha had fun at the mall. She got a bunch of cute new bikinis on her slaves tab, but now shes worried that her flip flops have gotten dirty from walking around. She convinces the slave to lick the bottoms of her flip flops clean. I want all of the dirty mallness off! She tells it. The slave obliges and licks Sashas flip flops. Sasha is very amused. The slaves tongue becomes blackened with mall dirt. It even deep throats her flip flop. Sasha feels that shes really given the slave a lot by allowing it to worship her flip flops. She wants to go back to the mall again tomorrow. The slave tries to tell Sasha that it doesnt have any money left. Sasha assure it that she knows a friend who can open another credit card account for him at one of the mall stores. She can hardly wait to get the slaves credit card approved and then maxed out all within the same day! (9:13 long)

File Name : Brat Princess 2 – Sasha Foxx – Shopping was fun now lick my flip flops
Runtime : 9min 10s
File Size : 416 MB
Resolution : 1280×720


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