Swirly, swirlies, swirlys is wanting to be dominated in such a way… that your head is forced down into a toilet while it is being flushed. Some people actually fantasize about this fetish and never fess up to this kink. Some will pay big money to have others do it perform this odd kink.
I as a BDSM sex slave Master get paid to have my slaves perform these fantasies to become an orgasmic reality. Weird right? Not really This toilet fetish is so common that we have been doing this sense grade school thru high school into collage and beyond to fetish nights out on the town.. So do not kink shame what which you do not understand.
Here in this video, another Master has slave Jessica Kay humiliated with the swirly fetish via live video as slave abigail Dupree helps direct the scene of licking the bowl, swirlies, flushing slave jess pigtails in the toilet, barking like a puppy, dog while wearing a tail ass plug. A must see for so many reasons it is hard to tally.

File name: Abigail Dupree – Slave swirly with Jessica Kay
Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:31:35
Video: 1920×1080
Audio: 161 kb/s
File size: 1.58 GB

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