Pass The Total Power Exchange – I have no problem getting up close and personal with my own fact, I even enjoy it. But when it comes to someone else’s excrement, I want nothing to do with it… Even if it is coming from the man I would give my life for. Well it has been 8 months since I have taken a shit like a normal human being would in most situations. Being a sex worker that specializes in extreme anal feats and because bathroom play is prohibited in most places that I display my work, I make sure to thoroughly clean out before every shift on cam with my fool proof enema routine. It has become second nature to clean out during my morning shower and one more time right before I am ready for my night of anal debauchery. I had forgotten what it felt like to take a shit and personally wanted to experience that feeling again but also make sure my health was in check. I stopped doing enemas all together and awaited the urge to arrive with anticipation. I ate more than I typically do and added many poop inducing ingredients like cabbage, brussels sprouts, beans, lentils, prunes, fiberous vegetables and the occasional fast food grease bomb. 14 days passed with nothing more than an occasional feeling of a movement coming in the distance and a few days of being more gassy than usual. Master had given me a deadline that ended today, I had failed to shit and the tension and stress was rising in me with no sign of a turd anywhere. He had woken with the same dream twice in one week wherein he took a shit directly into my asshole and took that as a sign from the universe that that was what needed to happen. I halfway thought he was kidding or just trying to scare the shit out of me and motivate my bowels. But no, he was dead serious. I told Him that he would need to demand this from me as it is something that I would not otherwise or in any other situation. He held his shit for as long as he could while he set up the cameras and prepared the setting for me to serve Him in. He has me insert my large tunnel plug (The Pig Hole Deep 2 by Oxballs) into my ass. With much banter and agonizing pleas for Him not to go through with it, I finally realize my fate and submit to his cute freckled ass lowering down onto my gaping ass and in a matter of seconds, I was filled with His shit. Please do enjoy watching this rare capture of love and defilement in an exchange of Power and … yup…shit.

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