Brutalmaster – Alix Amour 100 Lashes Part 2

The second part is always more painful, degrading, and dehumanizing, just ask Alix Amour. The first half of her 100 lashes was with a regular, run-of-the-mill bullwhip. For part 2, BrutalMaster stepped things up, introducing the cunt to Asmodeus, the Devil’s Demon of whips, the one that leaves the, let’s call it, greatest impression on a bitch.

You understand.

This is where a cunt like Alix Amour begins to understand just what a piece of meat she truly is and why she is in HELL! in the first place. It is her lot in life to suffer, to be in pain, to submit just because she is a real cunt and real cunts get hurt.
In Part One of 100 Lashes, the piece of meat was warmed up, in Part Two, she is cooked.

Alix Amour, 100 Lashes, Part Two

File name: Brutalmaster – Alix Amour 100 Lashes Part 2
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