Brutalmaster – Tramp Bullwhipped For The First Time

Tramp is a real piece of meat. The bitch self-identifies as a cunt and makes it clear she deserves to suffer because she is a cunt. She has been worked over, used, and tortured by others but, and this is really odd to us, the whore has never been bullwhipped.

Can you believe that?

Well, that has to change and you can hear the change a’comin’ with the first crack of the whip in BrutalMaster’s hand. The piece of meat knows this is going to be agony but she is already strung up so there is not a thing she can do but endure the torture. The little cunt squeals and cries as the whip wraps around her, leaving beautiful welts on her skin. The bitch takes every lash, but it is clear she is suffering like the meat she is.

The whipping goes on and on, and the cunt whimpers and moans and screams through it all, just for your amusement. She understands that she is just a bit of meaningless entertainment. We hope you are entertained — especially Tramp because she knows that is really her only value.

Tramp and her First Bullwhipping.

File name: Brutalmaster – Tramp Bullwhipped For The First Time
Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:24:15
Video: 1920×1080
Audio: 317 kb/s
File size: 3.25 GB

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