Dog Skewered and Milked – BrutalMaster

This is absolutely one on the most intense things that has ever happened in HELL! Intense, barely even covers it, but without question, this is something you will want to see with your own eyes.

Dog is a piece of shit, she readily admits that she is an incredibly low thing whose only value is her ability to entertain, preferably in a painful and degrading manner. She is a whore, literally But at the end of the day she is just a piece of meat. She is so low she does not even believe she deserves punishment or torture because that would make her too important in the universe.

Let’s just call this thing an existential agony and degradation receptor and leave it at that.

Now to this particular episode: prior to all this, the cunt’s tits were nailed and milked. That movie is already available HERE and HERE if you have not seen it (a two parter).

Later, when the cunt was shackled in the barn for storage, BrutalMaster decided her udders needed more attention. After all, they had been out of torture-use for years as they were in hucow milk production mode.

Clearly, a skewering was in order.

Her soft tits, which still contained milk, were tortured, pierced, and then skewered. But when BrutalMaster removed the skewers her painbags started spewing milk from the skewer holes.

Think about that, her otherwise worthless udders were now literally leaking milk from various holes.

As we said, intense.

This was incredibly humiliating for Dog, of course, but also shows in great detail just what an object this bitch truly is.

We think you are really going to love seeing Dog Skewered and Leaking.

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