The chapter begins right after Christmas dinner, you and your brother are sitting at the dining room table complementing mom on her wonderful dinner. As soon as the parents move out of earshot you ask your brother if he’s feeling all right. He hasn’t been acting the same since he whored you out a few weeks ago and the “eggnog” hasn’t really helped. He wants to talk seriously for a minute. He asks you if it wasn’t for the blackmail, would you have still had fucked him? Your taken aback and awkwardly say no. Your siblings and the whole affair is sick and wrong, for god sake, he used to babysit you and take you to the park. He presses and says you’ve enjoyed the sex in which you reply yes, I’ve enjoyed the sex but enjoying something physically and emotionally are two different things. This entire year you’ve dominated my life! You fucked the hell out of me every day and night, and have a three-way with my best friend, made me break up with my boyfriend who did absolutely nothing wrong and treated me like a princess, fingered me or toyed with me under are parent’s noses, and now your whoring me out to your asshole friends and half the goddamn town! You cum in me all the damn time and have been training my asshole every minute or every day and not doing a damn thing about it! Your dad calls over and asks what’s going on over there in which your attitude shifts from meek to cheery again and tell him everything is fine. You then guilty glare at your brother again and say not to mention the weird emotions he’s programmed you to feel around your dad…so no, if not for the stupid blackmail you wouldn’t be fucking him, its not like you wanted to be slut conditioned. You’re a little shocked for it seems your brother looked hurt…he apologizes for asking the questions and you tell him the situation is as it is…he gets up suddenly and says he needs to go think for a bit leaving you alone wondering what is going on. Much later you go into his room dressed in Christmas lingerie. You inform him that moms went to bed hours ago, and dad drank three times the “eggnog” he did and is resting out on the couch. You walk in and sit next to him and apologies for exploding like that…his question just caught you by surprise and its really is a touchy subject. He’s your big brother, you love him no matter what, even if he’s an asshole. He still seems down, and you ask him if he like your holiday nightie and give him a twirl. Your brother again says sorry and that he he has a gift for you, something you really want but you stop him and ask if he would give you the Christmas gift you truly wanted first. You want him to take you ass. Your ready, you’ve been ready for months and now you just can’t take it anymore. Your brother begins to say no when you stand up and give him a show. You begin to twerk and shake your ass, teasing your brother the way he likes, getting him hot. You tell him if he really wanted to make things up with you, that he is going to need to fuck you, right now, in the ass. You crawl onto the bed on all four and slip off your panties and shake your perky ass in the air for a bit. You tell him you know he can’t resist your booty, he’s been eyeing it all year, training it and you into need his touch. You puff out your lower lip and say please big brother take my anal virginity. Your brother, no longer able to resist, pulls out his cock and goes to mount you. You tell him no way in hell were you going to let his monster dick anywhere near your butt until his cock was properly lubricated. You begin sucking on his cock. You look up at him and enjoy the sight of him in pleasure. You tell him you’ve pretty much become a master cock sucker by this point, with all the morning bjs. After sucking and gaging on his cock for a few minutes you grab some lube from the night stand table and lube your ass up as much as you can. Again, you assume the position with you ass high in the air, your hands spreading you ass cheeks, and your little hole winking at your big brother. Even though you’ve begged him to be gentle you know he won’t, he’s gunna ram your ass until you can’t sit or walk properly. That’s why you are dumb founded when he goes nice and gentle with you. He keeps going at a steady slow pace until you give the ok to go faster, then the ok to go harder, before longing your screaming in please as he is fucking you with long strong strokes. When he finally erupts deep with in your bowls you scream in ecstasy, finally internally tasting that which you’ve wanted for so long. He pulls out and we get a good shot of his cum leaking out of you as you tell him what a good brother he is but you’ve awaken the beast with in now and he gets ready for another round and you wouldn’t have it any other way and cut scene. Fade in to you sprawled on the bed. Your brother completely fucked the hell out of you. You beg him no more, it


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