Peril Ouch In HELL! – BrutalMaster

“What do you think about people sending in ideas about how to make you suffer?”

“It gets me off”

That is what Peril said when asked what she thinks about total strangers suggesting how she should be tortured. Think about that for a moment. Really think about it — this cunt is getting off to the idea of being tortured merely because she is a cunt who needs to be tortured — and strangers who have never met her are making the suggestions.

Getting Off, maybe that is what we should have named this little episode of agony and abuse. But BrutalMaster calls it Ouch because that is what the cunt said while being bullwhipped.

Bullwhipping has become a favorite of those viewing the agony of HELL! In this case, Peril, a piece of meat cunt, is the target. Over and over, the bitch admits she deserves to suffer, deserves the degradation, deserves the pain just because she does. It is a tour de force of punishment.

Initially, the cunt is merely strung up, but as the whipping intensifies, she eventually winds up on her hands and knees on the floor, completely submissive and groveling. But the pain does not end, if anything it becomes more intense as the bullwhip continues to stain her whore-flesh with fresh evidence of her true depravity.

In the end, she is crying in a cage where all bitches ultimately belong.

Peril redefines the word Ouch, as Bloody July continues.

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