hichi has just finished her shift serving at the hotel restaurant, so when Eric claims he left her tip up in his room, she accepts his invitation to follow him up there. She’s tired and hungry, so she just wants him to give her the money he owes her so she can go home. It quickly becomes clear, though, that Eric has other plans in mind. She should have known that he was just another creepy dude wanting to get a piece of her. What else is new?

She’s sick and tired of guys thinking they can sweet-talk her or seduce her easily. She may be small, but she’s stronger than most people give her credit for. When Eric doesn’t relent, she takes matters into her own hands and begins to unleash her fury on him. Her strong legs wrap around his neck, instantly crushing his airways. He squirms and struggles, terrified of what she’ll do next. Will she squeeze the tip out of him? Or will she crush him to smithereens, forcing her to find the tip herself?

File name: She Fights Dirty – Chichi Medina – Chichi Just Wants The Tip
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