Shortly, I learned that one of my slaves stated that he can not eat my shit, he just can not get used to it, but he can choke the shit of Miss Jane better. Since then I have been waiting for an opportunity to use him as a toilet. Today, it was a coincidence that he was sitting with us girls in the cell while we were doing our studio, Jane wanted to feed him with an old croissant. But I knew to prevent that – before he got that to eat, I have the croissant hinged, a fat sausly shit and then advised him to eat the whole croissant before our eyes. It was just wonderful to see how he had to choke while chewing. Bite for bite it was a pleasure to watch him, he had to puke almost, especially because I always spit thick spittle on his meal. So it is real fun to feed the slave. For a better digestion, he needed only some liquid, so I piss into his mouth. Am I not nice to my slave pigs?


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