Brutalmaster – Kristen Bullwhipped Into Shape

22 January 2024

Kristen is in the dungeon strung up like the bitch-whore she is when out comes the bullwhip. The slut is worked over, and over, and over until she is a whimpering pile of cuntmeat.

When we say Bullwhipped Into Shape, the shape we are talking about is as a masochistic cunt beaten and broken on the dungeon floor.
Who doesn’t love seeing a bleach blond piece of meat taken apart in a damp dungeon until there is nothing left but her humiliation and agony.
The one place on earth Kristen belongs is HELL! which is why you will see more of the bitch in 2024.

Kristen, Bullwhipped Into Shape just for you!

File name: Brutalmaster – Kristen Bullwhipped Into Shape
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