Brutalmaster – KatSlut Date Night

BONUS UPDATE 15 January 2024

This is a throwback, shot a long time ago (in a galaxy….Nope, not doing that!) But it is a bit of a nostalgic look back. We can’t tell you the location but it is a sort of dorm room and KatSlut was visiting so, of course, Date Night.

Well, not exactly the type of date night you might be thinking about. There was a quick dinner and then the real date began with KatSlut being bound to the bed. Or more accurately, the naked springs on and frame. Yes, that is where that idea came from.

KatSlut can be a bit bratty, not something that normally happens in HELL! or in the dungeon, but in this space, she thought she could get away with is because the abilty to torture her was limited due to sound carrying. But that did not really work with BrutalMaster being able to put the cunt back into her place.

She spend most of the night on that very uncomfortable frame until BrutalMaster let her up long enough to perform a….service.

KatSlut, one of the Slaves of HELL! for 25 Years!

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