Brutalmaster – Blossom Caged

e are often asked what happens to cunts when not being used. You might call this a little behind-the-scenes peek into how meat is stored. To be clear, this is anything but comfortable and Blossom has spend hours being tortured and degraded for your entertainment.

Now BrutalMaster has some other work to do and the bitch needs to be put away — she continues her suffering but in a different way. The cunt is now caged and to add to her torment, BrutalMaster has chained her hands behind her outside the cage severely limiting her movement.

Of course, just for fun, she is occasionally tormented just to remind her that nothing is about her and everything is about her suffering.

You requested more behind-the-scenes in HELL! so here you go.

Blossom is just an animal Caged

File name: Brutalmaster – Blossom Caged
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