Mycelium_Mother – I Doo-doo

You’ve just married your beautiful bride Mycelium Mother and it’s time to consummate the marriage, but first, she has a big, stinky, special gift for you! No cold feet here with her blue frilly ankle socks on… Are you ready? Beautiful piano music plays as she slowly pushes out the most perfect 3-day hold turd right above your face. It’s so thick she moans with effort and relief. She pushes so hard that urine comes out. She turns around to sniff and lick her perfect present. Camera angle changes to show you the top of the poop. After having taken her virginity, your bride has her legs spread as she’s sucking your cock. You slide into her wet pussy and sniff her shit and armpits together. She licks her poop as she strokes your cock. Then she picks up that perfect turd and gives it a blowjob and handjob. She tries to stuff it in her pussy, getting it halfway. She takes it out, rerolls it and sucks on it some more. She puts dirty handprints on her white outfit. She tries to stuff her pussy again but the log of poop is too thick for her freshly deflowered pussy. She stuffs the whole poop in her mouth, gets your cock nice and dirty and fuck her vaginally until she comes. She moves closer to the camera, mouth completely filled with shit, she tries to shove your cock down her throat. Do you like that imprint your dick leaves in the poop in her mouth? Lots of gagging and pushing poop and cock down her throat as shit spit runs down her wedding dress. She picks up a piece of poop that fell out of her mouth in the process and begins to chew it up, moan and sniff while she strokes your shit covered cock. All of that poop down her throat makes it hard to swallow with so much gagging. She swallow and sucks your cock off until you cum.

File name: Mycelium_Mother – I Doo-doo
Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:21:23
Video: 2560×1440
Audio: 256 kb/s
File size: 1.85 GB

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