Mycelium_Mother – Shit For Brains

Mycelium Mother dressed in chain mail lingerie. She rubs the metal into her tits and her cloth panties into her clit. She sniffs herself on her fingers. She turns around and continues to rub her pussy through her panties until she takes them off. She pulls out your brainless skull and positions it under her puckered asshole. She slowly and effortly pushes two solid chunks of poop into your head. Does the smell of my poop get your dick nice and hard? It smells so good and she can’t stop sniffing. She shows off your shitty mind up close to the camera. She rubs some on the tip of her nose, licking and sniffing her fragrant poop. She picks a piece up and begins to suck on it, filling her mouth. She puts the other piece of poop right on your forehead, smearing it on your face. Savoring her mouthful of shit, she puts a realistic dildo on your shitty head and begins sucking. Don’t you love seeing that mouth full of packed shit? Coating your cock in her shit, she chews up and swallows the bit left in her mouth while stroking your poop covered cock. She deep throats your cock and her shit, simultaneously choking
herself while she sucks. (That shitty handprint around my throat is fucking HOT!) She cleans her hands by smearing them against then chainmail. She lies back and puts your shit coated cock in her phat pussy. She tastes her pussy mixed with the shit. She pounds her pussy to orgasm while chewing up the shit from your forehead and you cum in her mouth

File name: Mycelium_Mother – Shit For Brains
Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:16:31
Video: 2560×1440
Audio: 250 kb/s
File size: 1.13 GB

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