Max has been working night shift at the morgue for as long as he can remember. Most nights, it’s a shift filled with loneliness and monotony, but every now and then, something happens to make it quite memorable. It seems that tonight, someone has left a body out and unattended. Curiosity getting the better of him, Max lifts the thin sheet that covers the abandoned corpse and smiles at what he sees. It’s a young, pretty girl, freshly expired, with dainty feet, toes painted blue. He can already feel himself growing hard as he begins to fondle her firm tits and caresses her smooth legs and toned abdomen.

Pulling out his stiff cock, he molds her little hand around it and strokes himself with it. Her mouth is the first orifice to be violated, as he grabs her head and holds it steady, while cramming his cock into her gob. Her pretty feet catch his eye again and he moves to the foot of the table. Removing her shoes, he squeezes his dick between her soft soles and enjoys a footjob.

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File name: PKF Morgues – Misconduct
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