Station 6 focuses on Addiction. It need not be said that you are addicted to Me, but I will say it anyway as I like to taunt you and it reinforces your addiction even more. Win win : )Listen with earphones as this session contains a special effect; the hip no tic beat of your heart, slowing down as you enter trance and then speeding up as you cum for Me. It is a very seductive way of eliciting the effect I want – your body and brain chemistry in the palm of My hand : )Given explicit orders to caress your cock slowly and gently, I anchor this repetitive act of stroking to your ever deepening trance.

I blend hip no tic language, cues and in-beds with pure truth, to confuse you deeper. Triggers to pull you down and flood you with pleasure. Addiction is so very similar to trance, all it takes is the gentle push of one small domino to begin an unstoppable chain reaction. Deeper and deeper you fall, the deeper into your addiction you go the more POWERFUL your trance, and the DEEPER your trance the more powerful your addiction. A TRAP, of course. But you have no thoughts so it does not matter anyway.Believe Me when I tell you I have created measurable physical changes to your brain, creating a dependence on Me and lack of critical thinking, and My words and BODY force your brain to EJACULATE so many feel good chemicals that you are now a full blown junkie.

For Me. This is an addiction you cannot beat, I am infused into the very cells of your brain!I am DANGER in Female form, you KNEW it but you took the first taste anyway, because you WANT to be consumed with COMPULSION, you want to be a SLAVE to your addiction, a slave to Me. As your heartbeat slowly picks up speed you get closer to your orgasm. So close now, as I tell you that your body will be incapable of orgasm unless you FULLY accept that you are addicted to ME, consumed by ME, on cue, like the good boy you are, more of your brain slides out the end of your twitching cock, and the remainder is left dazed, confused and even more addicted than before.

Madam Violet hypnosis’s you to become her addicted trance junkie while showing of the curves of her body, sexy cleavage, face and ass while wearing a pink fishnet style dress.

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