Brutalmaster – Tramp Skewered Painbags

23 May 2024

Tramp is in HELL! and her cute little painbags are going to suffer. She asked to be skewered, cunt that she is, because she needs to suffer as much as possible. You already know that about her. She is less than human and understands as an object, her true role is agony and degradation.

The skewers are just a manifestation of her true need for pain and abuse. She is a cunt, a piece of meat, nearly worthless except when her agony amuses others. This is a bitch who truly accepts what a piece of shit she is.

In this spike, the cunt’s agony is increased by resting on a cold steel pipe, hooded to dehumanize her, and then the skewers go in. She has already been beaten, which is clear by the marks that cover her whore-body, so now it is only a matter to further degrade her with stainless steel skewers through what pass for her tits, what we like to call painbags here in HELL!

Tramp, her agony is your entertainment, with Skewered Painbags.

File name: Brutalmaster – Tramp Skewered Painbags
Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:22:38
Video: 1920×1080
Audio: 317 kb/s
File size: 3.03 GB

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